Founded in Montreal in 2010, new media art studio Iregular creates interactive audiovisual installations, large-scale sculptures, architectural projections and scenographies, with a focus on interactive and immersive experiences. At the crossroads between art and technology, these artworks experiment with geometry, light, sound, typography, mathematics, algorithms, communication protocols, AI, and machine learning. Iregular also develops its own proprietary technologies.

My Projects

  • Antibodies

    As we are becoming increasingly jaded and disconnected from other people, ANTIBODIES reflects on how detached we are during video conference calls – today’s imposed form of social gatherings. It also questions our vulnerability in the face of these overpowering platforms that force us to give up our privacy and the intimacy of real-life interactions we once took for granted. ANTIBODIES is an interactive experience that mimics this phenomenon and creates a similar virtual get-together. As people join, a system tracks the elicited facial expressions of participants, responding with overlaid visual and audio patterns. After each interaction, people’s recorded experiences are added to a gallery of disembodied human beings. Web Version ANTIBODIES is a hybrid artwork: initially taking the form of a website anyone can join at any time, it naturally developed into a physical installation for public spaces too as lockdown measures progressively eased. So far, more than 20,000 people from 48 different countries have taken part in the online experience accessible here: Both formats use CURSOR, a proprietary technology combining optics, AI and machine learning in the tracking features. ANTIBODIES is a reflection and critique that clearly manifests the intersect.

  • As Water Falls

    From all earthly elements, water is the one that unites us all best. It is at the basis of life in all its forms, and embodies various concepts crucial to our very existence: vitality, continuity, sustainability, purification, and growth. As a new media art studio that often explores nature-related themes, it is no surprise that our attraction to water reverberates in many of our works. AS WATER FALLS is a virtual interactive waterfall that aims to explore different aspects of water and its metaphorical concepts, shedding a light on our relationship with this precious element. A large-scale installation taking the form of a cascade, the piece reacts to mobile phone flashlights. Added mirrors, real water, and vibrating motors are also included to make for an even more immersive experience. Sounding and looking like a big natural waterfall in the middle of a closed physical room, people will swiftly realize as they get closer that the water flow is actually a plethora of objects and concepts that are sure to pique their curiosity. With inherent instructions embedded within the piece itself, participants will easily understand how to engage and will embark on the experience by pointing their mobile flashlight toward the different visuals displayed.

  • Control No Control

    CONTROL NO CONTROL is a big LED cube that reacts to everything that touches it and every movement performed on its surface. Streamlined patterns and generative sound emerge as interaction occurs. Allowing 48 people to participate at the same time, the experience is extremely intuitive, leading to quick audience engagement and prolonged interactions. A sort of socio-digital experiment, the piece explores the relationship between participants and interactive installations. It tests the artwork’s ability to intrinsically “instruct” and delegate the final audiovisual result to the audience that ends up gaining control of the piece. After presenting it many times across continents and cultures, CONTROL NO CONTROL revealed that people all over the globe tend to behave the same way around the cube, and all seemed to spend a lot of time engaging.

  • Delete

    DELETE is an immersive, site-specific, interactive experience for young audiences. In 4 parts DELETE explores the different ways we experience the digital world, from consuming large amounts of information online to the creation of our virtual identity and the traces we leave behind. DELETE can be presented as a circuit following a specific order or as a free-moving experience with each part staged as a standalone piece.

  • Frames exhibition

    FRAMES is an exhibition combining 4 artworks that were created at different moments of Iregui’s artistic career. A snapshot of the artist’s evolution over time, the 4 pieces are connected in form, as they all include a frame in the design. They are however very different in concept, execution, and engagement value, and when all presented together, they take on a whole other layer of meaning.

  • Omnipresence

    OMNIPRESENCE is an audiovisual interactive mise en abyme that highlights technology’s ability to curate our digital persona. The piece invites visitors to move around a digital infinity mirror that endlessly multiplies their reflection using video feedback. Before projecting the recorded video of the moving participants back onto the screen, software tweaks some of the image properties distorting the perception of time and space. Whether they are upside-down images, delayed projections, reversed recordings or simply true untampered reflections, the infinitely mirrored body images lose their symmetry and seem to move at their own will, disconnected from the audience members initially triggering them.

  • Our Common Home

    At a time we’re feeling the repercussions of the global environmental crisis more than ever before, OUR COMMON HOME fuses art and interaction technology to send a message about the urgency of climate action. Over a four-chapter journey, this large-scale public art exhibition uses artificial intelligence and computer vision to precisely track the movement and behaviour of people engaging with large interactive displays. Whether tracking their faces, their bodies, their hands, or the flashlights of their mobile phones, the overarching metaphor is one: our individual decisions have a global impact.

  • Point In Common

    POINTS IN COMMON is a collection of interactive experiences created to observe how large groups engage with digital public art, assess the flaws and efficiencies of such artworks, and extract meaningful connections and other conclusions.

  • River

    Iregular proposed RIVER, an installation inspired by the horizontal shape of the canvas provided, adopting an organic form alluding to a water stream. It is created using a 11mx2m LED mesh sculpture and a software infinitely producing generative content. Visible from the outside through big glass windows, the piece “listens” to all the activities happening within the bank and reacts to the sounds by creating wave-like visual textures mimicking water ripple effects. RIVER is permanently installed in the branch since April 2019. Rivers are reflections of the towns, cities, and villages they run through. Similarly, this installation reflects the environment of the branch it is in. A more active environment creates a more active RIVER. Playing with the mic sensibility, the piece only processes the sounds inside the bank during the busy days, but ventures outdoors in the street surroundings as things calm down between the inner walls at night.