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Frames exhibition


Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

created by

Daniel Iregui


Presented by



FRAMES is an exhibition combining 4 artworks that were created at different moments of Iregui’s artistic career.

A snapshot of the artist’s evolution over time, the 4 pieces are connected in form, as they all include a frame in the design. They are however very different in concept, execution, and engagement value, and when all presented together, they take on a whole other layer of meaning.



Additional Information

The 4 works in question are: OUTSIDE: An interactive installation that reflects on our unwillingness to disconnect from the technology we are completely submerged in today. THE COLOR OF THINGS: A two part interactive experience that explores points of view and incites participants to give meaning to their interactions and those of others. FORWARD: A generative video installation showcasing two digital tunnels that infinitely change their shape, pattern and direction. MOON: An interactive experience using light projection facing the audience.