Use Design Boards To Organize Projects

Keep Your Inspiration and Ideas Close at Hand

Design Boards are a major tool for design + art professionals to save, share, and organize their favorite works. Do you have lots of ideas for art installations in your head, but need an easy way to pull them all together?  Are you a visual person who feels like you need to “see” examples of what could be before you actually start a project?

The CODAworx Design Board tool lets members organize their ideas and inspirations.  Members can create specific Design Boards to collect projects or member profiles that relate to a specific project or just for inspiration.

Ready to Move Beyond Ideas to Action?

The CODAworx RFP team can help you bring your commissioned art project to life.

We can help you purchase existing work or commission new.

Like a specific style of work and want to move on a project now?  No problem, we can put out a call for anything from scrap metal bears for your plaza to atrium sculptures and anything in between.

Do you want to commission a bespoke piece of art?  We have thousands of professional artists and creative teams in our network. We are here to assist you.

Mutualities submitted by Penelope Forlano

Looking for More Resources on How to Commission Art?

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