Delete - CODAworx



Location: Montreal, QC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Daniel Iregui + Michel Levebvre


Art direction & Interaction Design

Daniel Iregui + Michel Lefebvre


Dramaturgy & Direction

Michel Lefebvre

Production Managers

Frédérique Folly + Dominique Hawry




Sound design

Kevin Gironnay

Kevin Gironnay

Production Manager

Frédérique Folly + Dominique Hawry


Machine Design Appliqué

Machine Design Appliqué

Interaction development

Gabriel Lavoie + Audrey Lamoureux + Daniel Iregui

Graphic design

Audrey Lamoureux


Daniel Iregui + Esther Bouque


David Surprenant


DELETE is an immersive, site-specific, interactive experience for young audiences. In 4 parts DELETE explores the different ways we experience the digital world, from consuming large amounts of information online to the creation of our virtual identity and the traces we leave behind. DELETE can be presented as a circuit following a specific order or as a free-moving experience with each part staged as a standalone piece.


Artist Daniel Iregui wanted to offer interactive experiences to a younger audience visiting museums and galleries with their parents or schools.

Additional Information

EMERGE (Part 1 of DELETE) “Everything you put out in the virtual world makes the virtual world more real.” | A new human | This room is about the creation of a “new being” by combining all the different faces in the audience into one. COLLECT (Part 2 of DELETE) “We know more and understand less.” | A waterfall of data | This room is about the overwhelming amount of information we deal with every day, and it questions whether we are able to process or understand any of it. SELECT (Part 3 of DELETE) “Choices construct my world.” | A factory of truth | This room is about deconstructing data and creating new meaning. In Part 1, the audience was asked: “If you wanted to confirm that someone is human, what would you ask?” In this room (Part 4), a disembodied character uses the audience’s different answers to compose new phrases. IDENTIFY (Part 4 of DELETE) “The virtual version of you is you.” A mirror in front of a mirror in front of a mirror… This room is about looking at your virtual self, at the multiple profiles you create online. It makes you question if what you’re facing is really you or someone else. The DELETE scenography is inspired by our relentless use of screens, mobile phones, and tablets, by the fact that we now all live our lives through these devices.