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Variation: Large Delineation

Client: San Jose Institute for the Arts

Location: San Jose, CA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Amy Ellingson


Cathy Kimball

San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art

Public Art Agent

Eli Ridgway

Eli Ridgway | Contemporary Art


Variation: Large Delineation is a temporary 13' x 40' site-specific mural, painted in acrylic on an existing wall. It is a “wire-frame” variation of the imagery in my paintings; a map, a matrix, an exploded view, linear, emptied of color, in subtle grey tones, showing evidence of the pixelated nature of the source imagery.


The goal was to create a piece that functioned within the context of my solo exhibition, Iterations & Assertions, at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art. All of the works in the exhibition were created especially for the SJICA exhibition space. Variation: Large Delineation was designed to relate specifically to the 28' diptych on the opposite wall.


I worked closely with an art-specialist vinyl sign maker to create five distinct, full-wall layers of vinyl masking for the piece. In terms of production logistics, it was quite complicated and highly labor intensive. Installation required a team of 8, working a minimum of eight hours a day for 8 days. I also worked closely with the Curator and Executive Director of the space. The SJICA is a non-collecting exhibition space, free to the public, that specializes in encouraging participating artists to create experimental works.

Additional Information

The vinyl masking allowed for a terrific level of detail and precision in the imagery. Essentially, the negative spaces were masked so that the mural could exist as paint on the wall, as opposed to vinyl on the wall, which would have been much easier to produce. The paint-on-wall surface was extremely important.