Amy Ellingson

13 Droege Rd.
Santa Fe, NM United States

Phone: 415-533-4013


Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Glass
  • Ceramics and Mosaics
  • Public Works
  • Wall Art

I am interested in providing esthetic experiences rooted in abstraction, yet full of metaphorical meaning. I create large-scale, immersive, abstract works that evoke computer and genetic codes, fantastical cityscapes, landscapes, and the rhythm of life. The works are intended to convey a generosity of spirit as well as a deeper profundity. My imagery consists of very simple forms that are digitally manipulated. Through repetition and variation, these forms are built into a dense field of information that acknowledges the complexity of our world while paying homage to the history of abstraction as a powerful tool to engage and inspire.

My Projects

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