Unique Mural Production for Boundary Layer Technologies - CODAworx

Unique Mural Production for Boundary Layer Technologies

Client: Boundary Layer Technologies

Location: Alameda, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team

Principal Artist

Forest Stearns



Ando Pndlian



The design of this project needed to bold and graphic, to stand out across the seas. The timeline was short so spray paint was used for quick application. The project was a success leading to multiple avenues of funding.


Creative Intention: Create a stunning mural on a hydrofoil prototype for the purpose of catching the attention of potential investors attending Y-Combinator Demo day 2019.


The main bulk of the work was painted in the Alameda boatyard over 4 days under tarps during torrential rain and wind. The helm was painted the next week in much better weather.

Additional Information

As mural producers, this was a unique experience. Painting the entire container and helm of the small ship quickly and in terrible weather in a super tight timeline definitely pushed our comfort zone. We learned how to setup and create a large mural with spray paint under large tarps during a super intense storm. Lots of ropes, bungies, weights, and knowledge of knots come in handy in this situation. With tenacity, great music, solid communication and professionalism, we delivered a great product for the clients specific intentions.