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Forest Stearns is a good human, the Principal Artist at DRAWEVERYWHERE LLC where he produces unique artwork and leads collaborations between artists and institutions. He has a passion for founding Artist in Residence programs that connect art, science, and technology. Currently he is the Creative Innovation Consultant and Artist in Residence co-founder at Google Quantum AI in Santa Barbara Ca. Stearns is an academically trained prolific illustrator, an arts educator, creative facilitator and community builder. Also an engaged father and supportive partner. From art galleries to spaceships, there is nothing Forest won’t draw on. His artistic portfolio radically spans media and substrate from endless sketchbooks of nature inspired characters, laser etched drawings covering hundreds of satellites that orbit the Earth, art on Quantum Computers, and giant murals on surfaces ranging from buildings, radomes, and rocket ships. Most importantly, Stearns is a daily advocate of cultivating a prolific creative practice and facilitating that activation of practice with others in the community conversation.

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