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San Antonio Colorline

Client: University Hospital System

Location: San Antonio, TX, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $375,000

Project Team


Bill FitzGibbons


Overland Partners Architects

Overland Partners Architects


“San Antonio Colorline” is a site-specific computerized LED light sculpture located on the penthouse crown and the southern side of the clinical pavilion at the Brady Green Clinic of the University Health System of San Antonio, TX.


Some of the goals of this commissioned artwork were to not only make this University Health System Clinic stand out in the San Antonio skyline, but also bring a user friendly feeling to this health center. It was the desire of the Hospital administration for the artist to work hand in hand with the architects to integrate this artwork into the exterior artwork.


In order for this collaboration to work I had to work closely with the architectural team. Together we presented our ideas to the various stakeholders in the community, including hospital staff and city officials.

Additional Information

The Director of the University Health System as well as staff and board members are to be commended for embracing visual art as an integral part of the healing process.