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Bloomingdales Chicago Crazy Swirls

Client: Bloomingdales

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $9,000

Project Team


Beth Kamhi Art






Ceiling sculpture floating in the first floor main cash area. was commissioned to create my Crazy Swirls to highlight local artists by the GM of the company. Copper and industrial ball chain sculptures hang seamlessly to create artwork that can be seen from anywhere on the first floor. Let these images be your jumping off point!


The GM of the store wanted to bring interest to the new cash wrap area without the artwork overshadowing the merchandise. Keeping the swirls light and spaced out created the perfect installation for this space>


We worked with the Store Manager, Head of Display and Merchandising to determine the parameters and scope of the project - i presented a few options and we moved forward with Crazy Swirls all agreeing it was the best choice for the location.

Additional Information

The entire store staff, management and the Corporate office all loved the final installation artwork.