Luminous Symmetries @ Context Art Miami 2021 - CODAworx

Luminous Symmetries @ Context Art Miami 2021

Client: Coagula Curatorial Gallery for Context Art Miami 2021

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Nikolas Soren Goodich

Nikolas Soren Goodich, Limited


Mat Gleason

Coagula Curatorial Gallery


Ramon Valdez

Fine Art Solutions LLC


These are two large scale two-sided luminous paintings on layered plexiglass that I made for Coagula Curatorial Gallery, the gallery that represents my work in Los Angeles. They presented a solo booth of my work at Context Art Miami 2021. For the fair, amongst eleven other works of mine that they exhibited, I made these two paintings in my Luminous Symmetries series. The work on the left is entitled “Entheogenic Transubstantiation” and work on the right is “Kindred Spirit Serenity Memoir.” Both are 75″ x 77″ x 8″ and made of four layers of 1/4″ plexiglass that have been hand mono-printed upon all eight plexi panel surfaces. The assembled panels are then placed in specially fabricated maple frames of my own design with LED lights imbedded in each arm. We chose to have the two works installed together to appear as two walls of the booth.


I have been working towards realizing a decades long dream of making large scale luminous plexiglass/glass architectural installations and getting public art commissions. For this solo booth exhibition I wanted to integrate these two works into the design of the booth itself. Operating as walls of the booth, they were integral to communicating a dual aesthetic and functional potential for my luminous two-sided works as architectural components.


The success of this project involved me, my gallerist, the frames fabricators, and the people in charge of the fair. First, the fabricators and I - having made a number of smaller scale works - refined our design. Then we worked together to determine the proper scale for the two works to fit a variety of concerns, including what my studio's work spaces and egress and access limitations it demanded, the proportions of the art fair exhibition site, questions of weight and shipping concerns, crating, etc.

Additional Information

During the fair, I was amazed at how people from all walks of life responded so strongly to these pieces. From the fairs administrators, to the security guards, to fork lift operators, to other gallerists, to art collectors...