Nikolas Soren Goodich

131 N Orange Drive
Los Angeles, California US

Phone: 3107514951


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  • Architectural Glass
  • Light Art
  • Lighting
  • Public Works
  • Wall Art

An L.A. native, Nikolas Soren Goodich has exhibited across the USA since 1990, in The Hague, Netherlands and in Germany. After studies at RISD, BSMFA, and SAIC in the late 80s and late 90s, he received his BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts in 2019. For twenty-five years he also worked as an art handler and lead preparator by day for the most prestigious galleries, museums, private collectors, fine arts services companies and arts institutions in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Virginia, and San Francisco. In his studio practice he paints onto plexiglass and hand mono-prints to a second plexiglass panel. Multiple mono-printed plexiglass panels are assembled together, with mark, color, and texture on all surfaces, and this assemblage is mounted onto canvas or onto wood panel as support, often resulting in diptychs and polyptychs. He began his current series, entitled Double Inverted Portraits, in 2019. In Luminous Symmetries, begun in 2020, he uses Maple frames of his own design that are specially fabricated with LED lights imbedded in each arm. These luminous plexiglass assemblage paintings allow LED light to pass through the work and become two-sided luminous plexiglass assemblage light-wall paintings. The central motif in both bodies of work is the human face in profile. His mono-print painting process produces inexact copies of these symbolic non-gendered portraits, with mirroring and asymmetry as core effects. The juxtaposition of organic textures within structured layered compositions, paradoxically recalls heated psychological investigation and clinical anatomical analysis. In spring 2022 he was invited to work at both Glasmalerei Peters Studio in Paderborn, Germany and at Mayer of Munich in Munich, Germany, the premier kiln fired glass art ateliers in Europe. He experimented with his own techniques and learned about their extensive kiln fired glass techniques as well. Three layered glass diptychs that he made at Peters were exhibited at Art Karlsruhe July 6 - 10, 2022 by Chiefs and Spirits Gallery, who represents his work in The Hague, Netherlands. He has just been asked to give a TED talk at the TEDx Inaugural Planetary Stewardship Event November 13 -14 at The Massachusets Institute of Technology. His talk will focus on his studio art practice, his vision for his luminous public art practice, his recovery from homelessness and substance abuse, and how both his public art vision and what he learned in his near decade clean and sober has taught him valuable lessons that can inspire others in the struggle to overcome the negative cultural and social behaviors that are essential parts of the current existential climate crisis.

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