Woman With Birds - CODAworx

Woman With Birds

Submitted by John Denning Studio

Client: Helen D. and Edie V.

Location: Woodside and Danville, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


John Denning

Industry Resource

Bronze Plus Foundry


Woman With Birds was first created as maquette, which was enlarged through 3D laser scanning and milling to a full sized form in dense foam. But this was the first time I had used this process and I was surprised to see many “shadows”, which I had to re-sculpt. I completed the original in wax (see 4th photo) and then had it cast in bronze at Bronze Plus Foundry in CA. Two casts were pulled for two different projects. Each with a unique patina.


Both projects wanted a lively, expressive figure in bronze to integrate into their garden in a natural, yet surprising way. One garden was more formal, yet the client was attracted to the contemporary interpretation of the figure and the two birds.


The Danville client purchased three bronze sculptures from me through my gallery Sculpturesite. She then asked me to create several maquettes for her to choose from for a new reclining figure. I made three wax maquettes in different poses and she picked one, which I had cast in bronze. The full-sized enlargement followed. Jim Pollare at Bronze Plus was very helpful and attentive to details. Dan Romo in Oakland fabricated the steel base with the gorgeous patina to enhance the bronze.

Additional Information

Probably because of my background as a painter, my bronze patinas are very unusual among bronze sculptors. Each time I complete a cast with its unique painterly patina, I am amazed by how different the sculpture is! It is like creating an entirely new work -even though the form comes out of the same mold!