Windfall - CODAworx


Client: Anonymous

Location: McLean, VA, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $300,000

Project Team


Tim Prentice

Prentice Colbert, Inc


David Colbert

Prentice Colbert, Inc

art consultant

Dale Lanzone


A sparkling cascade of 1,250 polished aluminum elements turn in a four story space at the public entrance to the headquarters of a global company.
Dimensions are 30′ hi x 30′ wide x 11′ deep. Materials: Polished aluminum and stainless steel. The 2′ tall aluminum elements are linked by a flexible wire web that allows them turn both individually and in groups responding to the slight air currents moving through the space. The moving elements reflect both interior and exterior light, creating ever-changing patterns. The effect is of a waterfall that descends from the upper floors to the lower.


The goal was to bring the effect of light down from the light filled upper level to the seating area on the lower level. The use of moving reflective elements accomplished this.


Tim Prentice and David Colbert have been in partnership as Prentice Colbert, Inc. since 2012. Both are involved in all aspects of the work from design to fabrication and installation.