My Della Rob-baby - CODAworx

My Della Rob-baby

Submitted by Stephanie Osser

Client: Cambridge Health Alliance

Location: Cambridge, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $2,000

Project Team


Stephanie Osser

Ceramics Program Office for the Arts at Harvard University


Allison Newsome

Ceramics Program Office for the Arts at Harvard University


Stephanie Osserr

Stephanie Osser Illustration in Clay


“My Della Rob-baby” was inspired by an exhibition of Luca Della Robbia and his nephew Andrea and Great Nephews Giovanni and Girolamo traditional and their traditional Majolica glaze, started about 1440. I saw this exhibit at the MFA-Museum of Fine Arts Boston, MA in 2017. Please note there is a second project depicted here too, showing the process and some other ideas, with children and music, my favorite topics at the center of my creations.


This was a self-inspired practice work, a chance to play with the majolica technique and perfect my images. I am including photos of another work that came next and needs a Majolica glaze. You can see how I work from these bisque images . I learned that the Della Robbia technique used a terra cotta clay. I used a white porcelain/stoneware body. To emphasize the lines to define the image, I painted terra cotta underglaze on the lines. Then after adding the colors on top, I scratch away to reveal the terra cotta color, then fire in the kiln.

Additional Information

I enjoy working with art directors, other artists and designers and architects, as I have in my Book and Editorial and Museum illustration career. I don't need to be the sole artist and enjoy collaborating.