Wellington Dentists - CODAworx

Wellington Dentists

Submitted by william giesen

Client: Robert Smith

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Completion date: 2010

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


William Giesen



Cecile Bonnifait



Cecile Bonnifait



The project was to combine 2 existing tenancies on one of Wellington's busiest corners into a single dental practice. The concept was to create NZs first “shop Front” dental surgeries. The search for sustainability is difficult in a dental practice where controlled environments are required. Our design focused on entering the concept of a “green” dentists through colours and images. “As cities become more disassociated from nature so the links to nature become more important”.


The challenge was to combine the requirements for light, privacy for clients and a view to the outside for the dentists in order to provide an attractive work environment. The photographic atrwork commissioned for the project was created in order to meet these needs and to bring "natural elements" into the surgery. The artwork also serves as the "face" of the surgery creating a strong graphic entity even when the surgery is not operating ie at night.


Cecile Bonnifait was in this case both the commissioned artist and one of the architects for the project. William and Cecile worked closely with a local printer to get the transparency and layout of the images correct. Rob Smith as the client was extremely trusting and basically gave us free reign to do this as we saw fit. Many samples were installed to get the images working the way envisaged.