Well-Tempered Hygrometer Part II - CODAworx

Well-Tempered Hygrometer Part II

Submitted by Anna Kubelik

Client: Schlossmediale Werdenberg CH

Location: Buchs, Switzerland

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Anna Kubelik


Simon Goff




An accustical and kinetic installation resopnding to humidity / 5m x 5.5m x 1.2m


Schlossmediale is a festival incorporating an exhibition, concerts and performances. An installation was sought that could sound and has a musical theme. The location was driving the idea of using waterdrops, as it was installed in a dungeon of an old castle.

Additional Information

The upper part of the 'Well-Tempered Hygrometer' was developed in 2013. The sculpture's 384 levers are in constant barely visible movement. Every lever is attached to one horse hair. Hair reacts to relative humidity. Hence the surrounding atmosphere dictates the movement of the levers. The sculpture is comprised of over 4000 components, which were specifically made: cut, sanded, drilled, perforated and numerous times lacquered. The form and geometry of the sculpture was generated from the 'Well-Tempered Klavier' by J.S.Bach. Under the floating sculpture lies a sonic extension from 2015, that was developed together with Simon Goff (musician/composer).