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Submitted by Bradley Designs, LLC

Client: Montana State University - Bozeman

Location: Bozeman, MT, United States

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $17,000

Project Team


Tad Bradley

Bradley Designs, LLC

Steel fabrication

Pat Wolfe

Stronghold Fabrication


Public sculpture composed of steel and glass. This installation is composed of 7 ft. tall glass panels that filter sunlight from the south as one ascends a staircase. Important elevation markers, counties, traditional native tribes, and other unique elements of Montana are utilized to introduce visitors to this state and the amazing places to experience within the state.


The goal of this artwork was to invigorate activity and knowledge for those utilizing the parking garage...to make the experience enjoyable. Bradley Designs wanted to the space to transition with the passing of daylight.


The steel fabrication installation team did a great job integrating the sculptural steel into an existing and finished structure.

Additional Information

This sculpture introduces Montana to potential students and their parents. It's presence and overlap of colors across the interior walls change each day and ensure that this is always an engaging space.