WCTC Memorial bronze sculpture "Honor" - CODAworx

WCTC Memorial bronze sculpture “Honor”

Submitted by Avant3

Client: Waukesha County Technical College

Location: Pewaukee, WI, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $90,000

Project Team

designer, artist

Naomi Moes


bronze metallurgist

Jeremy Fairchild

KAC Kalispel, MT


Large scale Bronze memorial sculpture symbolizing The Book of Knowledge with a Great Horned Owl flying out of it. The book has a quote inscribed on it from Martin Luther King praising the value of all work and what it does for humanity at all levels through education and ambition. The sculpture is 12′ high by 7’6′ deep and the wing span is 5′ long. It is installed on the WCTC campus along with benches to create a contemplative setting.


WCTC wanted a symbol on their grounds to commemorate the efforts of their faculty, both retired and present. A centerpiece for a contemplative area was designed with seating and plantings where people could relax and contemplate.


I developed the design from an idea the school faculty had, and they agreed upon the design after many consultations. I then worked with engineers to design and fabricate the arch which was critical for the strength of the piece.
After receiving the steel arch I worked with a fellow artist to set up the position to start modeling it in clay, using various metals and foam for basic forms for the owl and book. After rendering the completed sculpture in clay it was shipped fully assembled to the foundry in Montana where it was cast in the lost wax method. After it was cast I went back to the foundry to chase the casting and then do the patina. After that was finished, it was shipped back to Wisconsin where is was inspected by me, and then contractors were contacted to create a concrete base and it was installed on the campus.