Wayfinder - CODAworx


Submitted by Alan Binstock

Client: DR Horton

Location: Bowie, MD, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Alan Binstock

Alan Bintock Sculpture Studio

Industry Resource

Howard Connelly

Howard Connelly Design


“Wayfinder,”is located in a traffic circle, “signalling the entrance to a new large residential development. Comprised of Resin, Glass and Painted Carbon Steel, the piece is 228″ highx120″x96”. The (Urethane) resin is a section of a sphere like the arctic circle of a large globe. The material is UV resistant and will not yellow or fade.


The goal I essentially created was to welcome visitors and residents to a multicultural neighborhood. The figure cutouts in the large ring say "Peace" in four languages without using obvious English characters. “Wayfinder,” is inspired by a Renaissance armillary, a device for mapping the stars, for finding or locating ones place.


The final sculpture, my design was tempered by requirements of structure and fabrication. A structural engineer verified strength and stiffness requirements and a fabricator made and assembled the elements. I created the large resin sphere section. This piece is truly influenced by my background experience. I am both a sculptor and registered architect. My sculptor’s career is informed by twenty-two years at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center. A continued exposure to near and deep space images as well as a bit of quantum physics are all powerful influences on my work.

Additional Information

. The steel was designed and fabricated in fairly standard methods. The resin was cast around a steel frame welded to the larger structure. The design exploits transparency and translucency resulting from layers of cast resin, and shattered tempered glass, which allows visual penetration of the sculpture’s surface and interplay with natural light.