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Waves of Blue

Submitted by Hilary Harrison

Client: Gudonis Residence

Location: Manchester by the Sea, MA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Hilary Harrison

Interior Designer

Carpenter & MacNeille


Carpenter & MacNeille


An emersion of blues and natural tones create a subtle and vibrant landscape that is reflective of the movement and changing patterns of the cove.

An Interior Stained Glass Window commissioned for a residence in Manchester by the Sea, Massachusetts. 2014

Materials: Stained Glass,
14” x 54” www.hilaryharrisonartanddesign.com


After seeing and admiring my work in my exhibition ,“Enlightenment: Elements of Glass”, the Gudonis’ approached me to design and fabricate a window for the renovation of a study in their home. I met with them in their home to get a sense of the colors and tones that would compliment and appeal to their tastes and style of living. They live on the edge of a beautiful cove where the water moves quickly in and out. A great deal of light filtered in through the big windows in the main part of the house. Glass bottles, ceramic bowls, and china in teals and blues decorated the tables and counters. They showed me the plans for the study which was to be on the side of the house. Entering the room would be a view of cove, and the ceiling would taper upwards with a pattern of wooden slats. The sides walls were to be encased with bookshelves. The opportunity was there, to create a stained glass between the bookcases that would offer light, color, inspiration and vibrancy to the room.


The client stated in a message that, “ I love our view so much, it might be nice to do that sort of landscape: water and rocks.” She proceeded by sending photos she had taken during the different seasons. I used the photos as inspiration to create my own drawing and watercolor landscape. I always create my stained glass from these drawings and watercolors. I worked with architects, builders, and carpenters to assure the accuracy and best measurements, fitting, and installation . An insulated window was installed at first, then a trim piece was created for the Stained Glass to rest and be placed against. Wedges were place to prop the piece up, in order for it to be centered. The interior trim was then cut to fit and hold and secure the window in place.

Additional Information

The interior designer enlarged the watercolor to the full size of the window to see the effect on the room. In this process the colors became a bit distorted, but it did enable her to see the overall effect. The stained glass became the focal point from which she made her decorating decisions. www.hilaryharrisonartanddesign.com