Waveform - CODAworx


Client: Metropolitan State University

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team




Public Art Agent

Colorado Creative Industries


Waveform is inspired by the science and engineering of aviation, exploring
the interplay of dynamic forces moving through a malleable medium to create a
composition of elements frozen in time.


Waveform is located on the wall of a long hallway of the Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. The goal of the artwork was to animate this passage that connects the main entrance of the building to the auditorium and classrooms. Frequented by students and faculty on a daily basis, the goal of the artwork was to transform the hallway and provide its visitors with a constantly variable pattern, color and texture on the wall each time they pass by. Never the same, always different.


We worked closely with the building's design team and the facilities department to ensure that the artwork was fully integrated both aesthetically and in terms of its systems [power, data etc] that it needed to tap into.