Waterdance - CODAworx


Client: Easthampton Savings Bank

Location: Easthampton, MA, United States

Completion date: 2013

Artwork budget: $10,000

Project Team


Eileen Jager

Eileen Jager Studio


Burns Maxey

Easthampton City Arts


To create an original work of art for the lobby of Easthampton Savings Bank Loan and Banking Center. A stunning new green building designed by a local architect.


The bank wanted to commission a local artist to create something spectacular for their lobby. A framed area was built into the entrance hallway to accommodate the commissioned piece. WaterDance is 55 inches square, designed to nest right into the larger opening.

The modern building has architectural features inspired by the towns historic mill buildings. A lot of earthy brick and expansive metal with strong vertical elements. Water with its wavy lines and shifting reflective quality was the right choice to balance the energy in the building. The design abstractly represents the natural beauty of our town, and ESB's central role and support within the community.


Easthampton City Arts did a Call To Local Artists on behalf of Easthampton Savings Bank. Over 100 images were reviewed and I was invited to meet the selection committee comprised of people from the bank and the local arts community. I brought samples of my work and images on my iPad. They questioned me on material, process, durability. I asked each of them to name some quality of what it was they liked about my work. They spoke to the feeling of water, the wavy edge, the varying perspectives, the luscious color. They way it felt whole and complete and yet expands beyond itself. They loved the way the piece changes with light and movement, as the viewer walks past. They all felt my iridescent glass was a good choice for the lobby. Bill Hogan, the bank president said, "We don't want to put any limitations on your creativity," and based on our conversation gave me the green light to create something spectacular for them.

Additional Information

Glass, color and light has been my passion since 1979. In creating this piece I learned new ways of working with my (very familiar) material! One of the joys of this being a local project was running into the bank President or VP at the grocery store or the car wash and giving them updates. This was a wonderful collaboration between Easthampton Savings Bank, Easthampton City Arts and the local arts community. This partnering has sparked more alliances between local artists and businesses.