Walkway - CODAworx


Submitted by elise Black

Client: Saugatuck Elementary school

Location: Westport, ct, United States

Completion date: 2002

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


Elise Black

Elise Black Studio LLC


Turner Construction


Howard Lathrop

Sellars Lathrop

Industry Resource

Jon Pompea

Focal Metals


These are 1″ thick, 8' tall painted aluminum figures mounted on concrete bases….created and installed during a major renovation from a middle school to an elementary school in Westport, Ct.


This was intended to alert drivers to a student drop-off area in the parking lot of an elementary school, as well as alert pedestrians to the walking path from the parking lot. Rather than using mundane bollards to prevent cars from driving on walkway, and alerting pedestrians to use the walkway, these 8' whimsical figures serve to clearly marked the walkway. The figures apear to be playing jumprope and the pavers along the patch mimic a hopscotch pattern.


There was a collaboration between the chairman of the building committee (architect,Howard Lathrop), myself (artist, Elise Black) the construction crew (Turner), and the fabricator (Jon pompea). Since the parking lot was being reconfigured, it allowed for a truly integral and seemless design process.

Additional Information

These site-specific sculptures have received much positive feedback over the years from kids as well as adults in the community.