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Vineet’s Vibrant Noe Valley Home

Submitted by LOCZIdesign

Client: Vineet Buch

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2012

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team

Interior Designer

Paige Loczi



Tina Sedonne


Less than 3,000 sqft. Vineet’s Vibrant Noe Valley home is a modern interpretation of an Indian sari. He wanted his space to showcase his heritage. The red plaster wall is a direct depiction of Vineet’s vitality. The complex geometric patterns predominant through out the space describe his acute and nimble intellect.


Atop the colorful patterns and angled lines, the Gabriel Scott chandelier sings. Both the custom Tina Sedonne sculpture and the steel and resin dining table highlight Vineet’s strength and fluidity giving way to the focal point, a work of magic by artist Tahiti Pearson. The 4’ x10’ intricate paper cutting signifies interconnectedness, and also echoes the negative space created by both the coffee table and the steel chandelier.


Commissioning of the Tahiti Pearson piece was a culmination of all parties joining together to achieve a truly unique statement. Tina Sedonne works much on her own but, takes inspiration from the design and desire that has been set forth by the client and design team.

Additional Information

LOCZIdesign considers every project to be an opportunity to bring together the ultra talented and openhearted artists and designers that are a part of the San Francisco culture. Together we forge to bring new life, ideas, emotions, and connectivity to the spaces we design.