Up Lit: An Installation for Lights On Tampa 2015 - CODAworx

Up Lit: An Installation for Lights On Tampa 2015

Submitted by City of Tampa

Client: City of Tampa

Location: Tampa, FL, United States

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $20,455

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Robin Nigh

City of Tampa


Silvia Curbelo


As part of its 2015 Lights On Tampa program, the City of Tampa released a call to writers, songwriters, poets and wordsmiths requesting a phrase that describes the region. A panel of jurors selected a phrase by poet, Silvia Curbelo, from over 200 submissions. Curbelo’s phrase, displayed in the style of a vintage marquee (30'w x 16'H x 5'D), was a moving statement, giving one an opportunity to pause, reflect and maybe think about or discuss how we live now and what that means.


A simple phrase can capture the essence of something or some place, it can elude, evoke, suggest and inspire. Encountering a phrase or words out of context in the streets of a city park can also invite the passer-by to remember a story, give the element of surprise, it can start a conversation, bring a smile or encouragement, make a memory, it can invite us in, but into what we may not be exactly sure.


Temporary in nature, “UpLit” was on display through the course of Lights On Tampa, and then displayed at the Tampa Convention Center visible from the Tampa Riverwalk. The fabrication of the vintage-style marquee structure was managed by the City’s Art Programs Division.