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Unfolding Space, Andy Vogt, San Francisco Arts Commission

Client: San Francisco Arts Commission

Location: San Francisco, CA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

One Hat One Hand

San Francisco Arts Commission

Andy Vogt


One Hat One Hand creates custom processes that enable the build-out of public artworks – helping capture an artist’s vision, while meeting timeline and budget. Artist Andy Vogt was translating his woodworking techniques to a different material: bronze.


With Andy, we were asked to create a patina process that let him simultaneously view the entirety of the unfinished sculpture, and access individual pieces for detailed patina application and eventual clear coating. We designed an adaptable system, using an angled support structure with pockets to hold each element of the 45 ft. long artwork – ensuring accurate orientation and spacing of each piece through to finishing and assembly.


Scale and customization were the main challenges in this project. We created a 46’ x 12’ support wall to hold the 400 pieces of bronze that arrived from another fabricator. This wall allowed the artist to see the entire shape of the sculpture, and facilitated access to each element via a rolling scaffold. For the patina, we tested a variety of chemicals and surface sealants in order to achieve the right aesthetics and performance; and then designed a patina bath system that remained controlled while accommodating 1” x 3" extrusions that were over 12 ft. in some cases. Given the complexity and weight of the final piece, we also designed and built custom pallets for safe transportation and installation.