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Twin PHI Columns at Rock Quarry Park

Submitted by Vandorn Hinnant, Sculptor LLC

Client: City of Durham Parks and Recreation Division

Location: Durham, NC, United States

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Vandorn Hinnant

Vandorn Hinnant, Sculptor LLC


Jim Gallucci

Jim Gallucci, Sculptor LTD


These twin columns were commissioned for the entrance to the newly renovated Rock Quarry Park in Durham NC. They each stand at 13 feet and are 18 feet from center to center of one another. They are designed with the additional feature of being posts from which banners can be hung as reference to park events and activities.


The goal was to provide the newly renovated park with a wayfinding element at bridge's main entrance to the park. These twin columns are situated along on Ellerbee Creek trail that passes by the park.


This process involved dialogues between myself and key stakeholders associated with the Durham Parks and Recreations Department.

Additional Information

The Golden Ratio (Golden Mean a.k.a. Golden Proportion), and the Fibonacci Numbers factor prominently in the design of these twin columns.