Triple Pasture - CODAworx

Triple Pasture

Client: Southern Oregon University

Location: Ashland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Matthew Geller


Clint Allen

New Aspect Design


Artist Matthew Geller designed Triple Pasture to encourage students to use shared space and to foster social interactions within the quad space of Southern Oregon University. The piece includes three ellipses: one that features tall ornamental grasses, one which is a concave form of short grass, and the last is a raised platform that incorporates LED lights. New Aspect Design was asked to design and program lighting for third ellipse. The LED that outlines the platform is controlled by current weather conditions and changes color based on the temperature.


A durable structure that was easy to maintain by the university was a key goal of this project. The raised platform is covered with synthetic grass and a bench-like structure that encloses the electrical controls.