Trip I, II, III - CODAworx

Trip I, II, III

Submitted by April Pine

Client: Sculpture by the Sea

Location: Sydney, Australia

Completion date: 2017

Artwork budget: $60,000

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Sculpture by the Sea

Sculpture by the Sea

Industry Resource

JV Atelier

JV Atelier


April Pine


Three figures meander their way across the coastal path on their journey towards the surf below, responsive to the strong surf and beach culture that is Bondi, Sydney. The three surfers are varied in posture, expression and height, suggestive of life long companions, independent in presence but silently strong as a trio. Each work is made from marine grade aluminium and finished with a matte black powdercoat.


A site study of Bondi and understanding of the water movements, surf locations and 'goat tracks' that were naturally made as off-piste surfers ventured down to the breaks to the base of the water below was undertaken. Understanding the authentic movements of the local people was paramount in creating a true piece of local culture. The movement, posture and attitude of each figure was in reaction to the site, informing where each figure was looking and gesturing toward. Whilst the works were entirely site responsive, it was imperative that life beyond the show was considered and the work could translate in different settings.


This was a self funded work prepared for a three week exhibition period. Three milestone approvals were required by the Sculpture by the Sea agent at various intervals of the design and fabrication period to ensure the proposal meets safety, structural and installation requirements. As these works were part of the show, the agent was then involved in the delivery and subsequent installation of each work. Design packages were issued to the agent advising on various installation options and ground details.

Additional Information

This work was created for Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2017. Each sculpture was an edition of 3. All 9 of these works were sold within the three week show period. These can be found in public and private collections all across Australia by both institutions and notable private collectors. This work also recipient of the Allens Peoples Choice Award for 2018.