Transmigration - CODAworx


Submitted by Jing Zheng

Client: Wuhu Shenshan Central Park

Location: Wuhu, China

Completion date: 2011

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Zhongwei Ma


Jing Zheng

The China Academy of Art


This romantic piece of artwork is made up of four quaint stained glass containers with poems from “Shijing (Classic of Poetry)” carved on the outside wall. Water pipes are hidden in the support stands. Water gravity brings energy so containers can automatically move. When water is full, those four containers will flip over and pour water into the pond. During the daytime, stained glass reflects the sunlight while at night, lights underwater illuminate the artwork. With non-stopped melody of water, this artwork integrates with the environment and unravels the meaning of transmigration.


The goal of this project is to create a piece of public artwork reflecting the history and culture of Wuhun district. In according to that, my focal point is to build a harmonious relationship between my work and the environment. Moreover, taking the characteristics of the central park into consideration, presentation of the artwork should be both joyful and creative.


The process of designing “Transmigration” involves usage of some new techniques and materials, so I turned to experts in some fields for help. My wife, Ms. Wenqing Zheng, provided technical support in choosing and processing stained glass. Mr. Zhongwei Ma from Hangzhou Tianteng Wusen Sight Company helped me with the water power control and light control technology. In addition, Hangzhou Goldstone Art Company assisted in amplification and installment of this artwork.

Additional Information

Size: 500×300×300 CM Material: Water, Copper, Stained Glass, Water-proof Light bulbs Because of the beauty and harmony this artwork brings, it becomes a must-go spot in Wuhu.