Tower Road Sculpture Project - CODAworx

Tower Road Sculpture Project

Submitted by Mark Horst

Client: City of Commerce City

Location: Commerce City, CO, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $175,000

Project Team


Mark Horst

Mark Horst Studio

Project Coordinator

Kendall Peterson

ThereSquared Art Consultants


The Tower Road Sculpture Project serves as a gateway to Commerce City and the neighborhoods north of the Denver Airport. The installations, three in total, sit adjacent to a large nature preserve which served as an inspiration for the sculpture. Using the structure of natural forms, the project composes the imagery through repetition and juxtaposition to create visually curious experiences. As we drive past the forms they seem to move and interact.


The goal of the project was to generate visual interest in a newly activated roadway just north of the Denver Airport.


The process was genuinely collaborative and involved input from the fabricator, the City Council and a number of other interested parties. The results are stronger because of these multiple layers of imagining.