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Time Flow

Client: State of Indiana

Location: Indianapolis, IN, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team

Industry Resource

Tom Fansler

Tiii Environments


Dale Enochs


Brett Davis


Public Art Agent

Mary Kramer

Art Spaces Inc.


A national RFQ was submitted requesting designs for two Bicentennial Plaza sculptures. The individual plaza areas are approximately 65' x 35'. Two themes were set forth by the state of Indiana, “Enduring Flame” and “Living Time Capsule”. I was chosen to develop imagery addressing a “Living Time Capsule”. Conceptually the circle or ring is indicative of unity and wholeness. It creates a portal to move through from one place to another, from the known to the unknown. By extension, it symbolizes moving from the past into the future, with the present or the moment between the two.


From my perspective it was crucial that the imagery maintain a contemporary voice yet, at the same time be integrated into the surrounding area visually connecting with the historic architecture of the statehouse. My overall composition is made up of three distinct elements, the ring, a planter containing the state tree and the "river table" which depicts the waterways of the state. This created a dynamic triangular composition, whole within its own confines yet framing the state's capital within the 22' ring.


The architectural firm MKSK oversaw the development of the entire west side of the statehouse pedestrian plazas. Architects from the firm provided invaluable direction and assistance. I also partnered with Tom Fansler of Tiii Environments to make the project happen. Tom Fansler provided engineering, hardscape design expertise, and an exemplary crew to help put the pieces together along with innumerable other pieces of the puzzle. I could not have realized this project without Tom Fansler's assistance.

Additional Information

The bicentennial plazas created for the west side of the Indiana Capital commemorate a significant occasion in Indiana's history. The location is at one of the most significant sites within the state. I consider it to be an extreme honor to be part of this project.