Three Woven Metal Banners - CODAworx

Three Woven Metal Banners

Submitted by Susan McGehee

Client: Fantasy Springs Conference Center

Location: Fantasy Springs, CA, United States

Completion date: 2008

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Susan McGehee

Metallic Strands

Art Consultant

Francie Kelley

Paragone Gallery


The designer wanted three woven wire banners, each 12″ x 28″, to be framed in three plexiglas shadow boxes. They were placed in the lobby of the Fantasy Spring Conference Center.


The designer wanted the pieces to be ancient and southwest in feel, but not copies of Indian art works. Similar materials, anodized and bare aluminum wire and colors of coppers, back and silver unified the pieces.


The designer wanted the pieces to be antique in appearance. This required a patina on the bare aluminum wires. To achieve this I found a method on the internet. I brushed olive oil in spots on the bare wire and baked at 400 degrees in my kitchen oven. It gave a great patina of black and dark brown with silver shining through where oil had not been applied.