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This Must Be The Place

Submitted by Jay Handy

Client: Studio23

Location: Bay City, MI, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Jay Handy




Artworks from an exhibition were turned into public pieces for display in the local area where the exhibition took place. The exhibition’s theme focused on the city it took place in, with artworks featuring photos submitted by residents of the city.

In the project featured here, those same artworks were made into outdoor-suitable pieces and put out for public display near a walking area with high-foot traffic. This project allowed residents who didn’t attend the exhibition to still enjoy the artwork and enabled those who did to enjoy it anew.


The artwork was central to the project, as it was specific to the location, featuring well-known buildings and moments in the city's history.


The residents of the city where the exhibition and this project took place were invited to submit personal photos related to the city. I worked with these photos to create the artworks that would be showcased in exhibition. For this project, I collaborated with a gallery to transform the original artworks into outdoor-suitable displays.