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Things that fly

Submitted by Rai Pinto Studio

Client: Dayton Children's Hospital

Location: Dayton, OH, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Rai Pinto Studio

Rai Pinto Studio


Rubio Arauna Studio


Champlin Architecture

Champlin Architecture


The Dayton Children’s Hospital project was requested as a collection of 3d and 2d artwork for each floor hall in the Dayton building and two other locations in the concourse of an external building in the neighboring Springboro.
The theme topic was also designated. The storyline was “Things that Fly” because the origins of the history of aviation are linked with Dayton. This topic gave us wide scope to design several installations.


Due to the fact that we were working on spaces already designed by a team of architects and interior designers, we created a color code for each of the designs. In this way we assigned two preexisting colors found in the interior design proposal for each floor and we choose a third one, usually a complementary.


Following this parameters we designed 10 artworks about things that fly, all of them made by smaller modules that had a significant connexion with the main silhouette represented or with modules representing smaller flying elements as well. Just like that we designed a plane made by paper planes, a rocket made by bubbles, a humming bird made by flowers, a comet made by stars, a plane made by butterflies, among other examples.
The project still growing so we hope to see future designs soon.

Additional Information

Things that fly, environmental design project / Client: Dayton Children’s Hospital Location: Dayton, Ohio, USA / Year: 2017 / Co-authorship: Rubio Arauna Project team: Berta Comellas, Dani Rubio, Marta Angrill, Mireia Sandoval, Pablo Estarriaga, Pol Pintó, Raimond Pinto / Curator: Disctintive Art Source / Architecture firm: Champlin Architecture / Photography: Rob Turner