The 4th @ Wheeler Park - CODAworx

The 4th @ Wheeler Park

Submitted by Chad Mount

Client: The Wheeler District

Location: Oklahoma City, OK, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $6,500

Project Team


Chad Mount

Chad Mount, LLC


Stephen Tyler, Creative Technologist


Industry Resource

Hugh Meade, fabrication & installation


The brief was to set-up before sun down, nest the projector out of site and then set the tone for chill fun. Due to the lay of the land we were able to map the OKC sign affectively using one 4500 lumen Epson and some LED uplighting on the trees. The primary material used was “light” and the letter dimensions are 22'W x 10'H x 2.5'D.


This light based project had less emphasis on art in the traditional since less around art in the traditional sense, the focus was on creating a one off experience. To provide the audience as they rolled in and out through the night.


The process in this case was heavily influenced by the medium. Ferris wheel lighting systems are very limited in their scope of programming. Combining that with led and projection mapping elements onto large steel type was an additional challenge. Our unique skill sets, unified allowed us to push the boundaries of those technologies and apply artistic values to allow the creation of a coordinated visual experience. The boundaries, as they often due, and the combination of the mediums actually resulted in more creative uses of systems which attempted alone or individually would have not resulted in a coherent presentation.