The Front Deck at Everybody's Whole Foods - CODAworx

The Front Deck at Everybody’s Whole Foods


Location: Fairfield, IA, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team


Liz Howard

Liz Howard Graphics


Paul Praither

Everybody's Whole Foods

Architectural color consultant

Cathy Rivers

Rivers Colorworks and Design


This project consists of 12 art collage panels that describe a somewhat continuous landscape illustrate summer fun in our community. Fun and affection being theme. Using various sized panels to create a welcoming space to enjoy a smoothie or ice cream with the kids.
While creating content of the panels I took photos around town. Starting with the first panels on the left and continuing to the right.
• Loop hiking trail
• Waterworks park
• City water tower
• Town square
• Arts and Convention Center Civic Center
• Public library
• Outdoor pool at the recreation center
• Everybody’s Whole Foods
• University campus
• Cut stone highway welcome sign
• Evening at the lake with fireflies.
• Through all included our wildflowers and the sky. (We do have some nice skies.)


Overall goal show a friendly and fun community while creating a welcoming space on the deck.


I always like starting with a color inspiration. My friend, Cathy Rivers of Rivers Colorworks and Design, an architectural color consultant, created a lovely color palette that I used as a starting place. I took many photographs around town, purchased royalty-free photos, then used my special set of filters to artify and visually unite the images and then assembled them into the twelve collages. I had to design around the varying surfaces of the 28 foot wall.
Originally they were printed in 2015 on vinyl banner material. We reprinted this year on aluminum composite outdoor sign panels.