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The Ruin Venue

Submitted by Sandra Vlock

Client: Paul Goff

Location: Joshua Tree, CA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Sandra Vlock

Studio Vlock


Paul Goff


Sorge Industries


The ‘Desert Dream’ Fireball is a repurposed vintage steel mooring buoy, 58″ in diameter designed to be either wood or propane-burning. The unfinished steel has weathered beautifully in this exposed high desert environment.


As a unique event space in the high desert of Joshua Tree, California, the owners commissioned a sculptural focal point by day and a fire element by night to bring people together for celebration and contemplation.
 The goal of this installation was to create a strong sense of place and connection to the extraordinary desert environment—a surreal and immense landscape of sculpted rock, populated by strange and iconic Joshua Trees, cactus, jack rabbits, road runners and soaring eagles. The night sky with its star-studded canopy, is a defining feature of the desert experience.


The process of working with this client was iterative: sketch vignettes of work in progress were an essential communication tool. An an installation, the Fireball was site specific. Concept sketches included contextual information: seating, circulation, and sight lines. “Sandra’s work fits our environment so naturally and captures the imagination. Her work is exciting; it’s friendly, it’s approachable. ”
— Paul Goff, Owner

Additional Information

The 'Desert Dream' Fireball was detailed to be propane-burning; an essential factor for the dry desert conditions. Lava rock completely covers the propane burner ring to deliver the maximum effect while ensuring the safety of guests and the environment.