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The Red Thread Center Mural

Submitted by Samantha Nagel Eggert

Client: The Red Thread Center

Location: Stuart, FL, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $1,000

Project Team


Sam Nagel Eggert

Sam Nagel Art


Darcy Flierl

The Red Thread Center


This was an indoor mural for The Red Thread Center, a new counseling and community center in Stuart, FL. The client wanted to incorporate their logo into the design (a circle of red thread forming a heart). This was the centerpiece of a large group therapy room, that would also occasionally be used as a yoga room.


To create a design that is welcoming to everyone, conveying a feeling of safety and love, with a bohemian feel. It should work for both group therapy meetings and yoga classes. Incorporating the logo of the red thread forming a heart was to be an integral part of the design, requested by the client. This was the first phase of the mural, intended to be added onto when the client is ready.


After a brief discussion of the clients expectations, I presented three drawings. One was chosen to move forward to the color mock-up stage, where I digitally rendered four colorways and discussed paint and finish options. Once the final design was approved, I used a projector to transfer the drawing onto the wall and hand painted the mural with acrylic paint over two weekends, during non-business hours.

Additional Information

This was done in May 2020, during the Covid19 lockdown. All safety protocols were taken into account and we maintained a clean and sterile environment. I really enjoyed creating this piece. It was a lot of fun and the client was absolutely pleased with the result!