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The Pavilion at Bistro Champagne

Submitted by Chicago Mosaics

Client: Martha Cameron

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2009

Artwork budget: $18,000

Project Team


Francine Gourguechon

Chicago Mosaics


Martha Cameron


The Pavilion is new construction built in tandem to the existing restaurant. The owner, Martha Cameron, wanted something very different and exciting in contrast to the french bistro feeling of the original space where my mosaic work exists also.


Working with muralist, Tom Melvin, of Chicago, we came up with the idea of painted sky and florals with Chinese glass mosaiced clouds and branches. We had a long hallway to the pavilion and large bare walls to work on. Tom did his magic painting and I did the glass mosaic work that included mosaiced clouds on the ceilings. The combination of paint and glass gave the space an intriguing presents.


Working with muralist, Tom Melvin, and owner Martha Cameron was a successful collaboration in every way. We managed to give Martha the distinctive restaurant interior she wanted, on time and within budget. Tom and I have worked together on several projects, uniting his murals and my mosaics to develop a unique style in decorative art.

Additional Information

It was a pleasure creating and installing a project with a fellow artist and a open-minded and supportive client.