The Land Yacht - CODAworx

The Land Yacht

Submitted by James M Harrison Art & Design

Client: Guerilla Development

Location: Portland, OR, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $25,000

Project Team


James Harrison

James M Harrison Art and Design


Kevin Cavanaugh

Guerilla Development


The Land Yacht was designed to create dining shelter for a group of six micro restaurants in Portland Oregon. We wanted to put color against the often gray Northwest sky, to bring the sun down to the ground. The piece is made from welding vinyl, greenhouse pipes, and salvage timbers. The dimensions are 12 ft tall x 16 ft wide x 32 ft long.


The chief design goal was to immerse the body in color and to put color against the gray sky. This drove the project more than any other factor. We worked to make the piece highly functional, to the point where the function gets out of the way.


The artist and the developer worked very closely on the concept, producing around 50 iterations until the design was as minimal as it could be and was right for the site. We worked closely with a sailmaker to produce the pattern and sew the material into shape.

Additional Information

Starting with a minimal budget, we looked at ways to cover space cheaply- which drove us to greenhouse components, which we then custom bent to our full scale patterns. The footings are above ground benches, made from reclaimed timbers and filled with water jugs to act as ballast.