The Hope Of Healing - CODAworx

The Hope Of Healing

Submitted by Sean Hennessey

Client: Aquilino Cancer Center

Location: Shady Grive, MD, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $6,000

Project Team


Sean Hennessey

Art Consultant

Lillian Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald Fine Art


3 Backlit Cast Glass Panels framed in Steel. Each Panel is 3'x2'.


The Hope of Healing was inspired by the belief that imagination and hope can transform lives.
I often use light-bulbs in my work. Sometimes as a symbol of hope, sometimes of a greater power, always a symbol of the vast potential that everyone possesses.
When the opportunity came up to create a piece of art for the Aquilino Cancer Center I immediately thought of this imagery. The hand holding the light-bulb on a string has the feeling of a flower in bloom, or a floating balloon. Beautiful and uplifting things. But that it is a light-bulb floating in the sky on a cord, it defies logic. It is the power of belief overcoming physics. To add to this imagery I wanted to create a narrative in the work, something that felt transformational. The progression of a yellow light-bulb, to an orange light-bulb, to a symbol of healing- a red apple felt like a beautiful metaphor of the healing that will happen in this center. I wanted to create a piece that would inspire others and to help nurture the hope of healing.