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The Healing Arts Program

Submitted by Ken Elliott

Client: Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

Location: Castle Rock, CO, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team


Ken Elliott


Castle Rock Adventist Hospital


The Healing Arts Program at Castle Rock Adventist Hospital is presented local visual artists as a way to promote a healing environment as well as strengthen their community ties.


The Healing Arts Program has provided patients, their families, staff and community an environment that renews the mind, body and spirit. Castle Rock Adventist Hospital's Healing Arts Program uses many expressions to touch and inspire the spirit. It is the intention to create a therapeutic environment with a consistent thematic message of serenity, dignity and the beauty of the natural world and human interaction.


To Expand artist collective consists of five non-conventional artists working in different mediums. It is our believe that a group exhibit of different mediums encourages he viewer to explore the content and character of each artist's work. Our diverse mediums intrigue and provide a unique visual art experience that engages audiences of all ages.