The Fleetingness of Existence - CODAworx

The Fleetingness of Existence

Submitted by Manuel Martí Moreno

Client: Vila-Real City hall

Location: Vila-Real, Spain

Completion date: 2012

Project Team


Manuel Martí Moreno


Art Consultant

Carmela Falomir Ventura

Vila-Real City hall


Solo exhibition at the “THE CONVENT” museum of Vila-Real … composed for twelve sculptures made of nuts and metal mesh


it was a temporal solo exhibition in a new contemporary art museum.

Additional Information

The abstraction suggested, by means of bodies and faces which are about to disappear, confer a certain magical aura to the eyes of the viewer. He can’t stop interacting with the spectator by means of the grandiosity conferred by his works. In this way, he makes us consider and question if the invasion of the void by them acquires a dramatic tone due to the fact that they aren’t completely modeled. The tension which exists between interior and exterior volume and space is, simply, a frontier line which he knows how to limit by means of the outlines