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The Crystal Arch Project

Client: City Of Anderson UEA

Location: Anderson, IN, United States

Completion date: 2001

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team


Arlon Bayliss & Jason Knapp

Industry Resource

Max Haines

Mofab Inc.


City of Anderson, IN


KRM Architects


A shifted arch of glass and steel, 17 feet tall and 36 feet long, celebrates the people, places, and events of Madison County, Indiana. Blown glass crystals engraved with dedications and illuminated by fiber optics, are suspended in a stainless steel, honeycomb framework and clad both sides in a glass skin.


The project compliments the architecture of the city's Town Hall in front of which it stands. Veteran's monuments were re-designed and re-loacted as part of the projects process.


The project involved hundreds of local businesses and volunteers over 4 years of fundraising and construction. Every part was made and assembled in the community it honors.

Additional Information

The structure is designed so that at grade, one arch wall or side begins opposite to where its counterpart ends. Visitors standing under the arch feel like they are inside a great dynamic wave form.