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The Clubhouse

Submitted by Turner McLemore

Client: Mouk

Location: Vestavia Hills, AL, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $650

Project Team


Brian Roberson


Art Consultant

Dan Taylor


Art Consultant

Turner McLemore



The total area is 40 square feet. With a cost per square foot of $16.25 and an overall budget of $650.00.


The goal for this clubhouse project was to take the childhood experiences of the woods, and create a space that reinterprets those experiences of wonder and discovery for the child in all of us. The clubhouse uses clean orthogonal design to accentuate and juxtapose the natural scruffy undergrowth. Engaging the hillside but not daring to compete with nature’s forms. The horizontal slats envelop the interior of the space with rays of light that suggest the imagery of those memories of the woods from our childhoods.


The clubhouse was a gift from a father to a son. Their collaboration encouraged both nuanced details such as the translation of the woods verticality into a horizontal antithesis, and the more playful details of a rope ladder and hatches.