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The Centennial 2021

Submitted by Art Moves You

Client: Town of Lantana

Location: Lantana, FL, United States

Completion date: 2021

Artwork budget: $100,000

Project Team

Lead Artist

Jesus Eduardo Magaña



Ashleigh Hernandez

Van Linda Iron Works, Inc.


The 26′ high x 30″ diameter sculpture features nautical elements that depict the history and character of the Town of Lantana memorializing its centennial anniversary.
It was fabricated with stainless and carbon steel, aluminum, powder coating, formed and stained concrete and illuminated at night with LEDs.
Commissioned by The Town of Lantana. Collaborated with Aphidoidea, Southern Custom Iron & Art and Van Linda Iron Works, Inc,


The Town wanted to celebrate its 100 centennial year with an artwork that depicted its history and character. The project was integrated into the park space by creating a new plaza where visitors can enjoy the sculpture's environment and be oriented by the direction relative to the Intracoastal that surrounds the park.


The collaboration between the artist team, artwork fabricators and the Town for its July 4th Centennial celebration provided a short window of 5 months. The installation was successfully completed even though the team experienced two independent key members who incurred off-site accidents disabling them temporarily to contribute their participation to the team. Both team members provide talent replacements to complete the project.

Additional Information

The artwork team identified three main components that represents makes the Town of Lantana. They are a sailboat, a compass, and the lantana flower bloom. The concept and design elements were chosen because of the Town's a rich fishing history and the sailboat provides a symbol of tradition, community, livelihood, and exploration. The sailboats two sails that are depicted are the head sail which provides direction, and the main sail for power and propulsion. The height of these elements break up the horizon and create a constant composition change when viewed from different directions.  The plaza is a giant functional compass that symbolizes navigation, direction, placement, and geography. It expresses the direction the Town is heading and is a reminder of the historic path it has taken over the past 100 years. The cement abstract boat represents the exploration spirit of its residents and location on the waterfront park, marking Lantana in relation to the rest of the world. Lantana, officially named after the flower, abundant to the area, represents a symbol of nature, identity, family, growth and thrive. The sculpture that sits on the center of this flower geometry represents not only the roots of the town but also the future that will bloom from it.