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Abington House

Submitted by Clodagh Design

Client: Related Companies

Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2014

Artwork budget: $260,226

Project Team

Interior Designer


Clodagh Design

Art Consultant


Clodagh Design


Clodagh’s vision and mission for Abington House was to create a building with a sense of place dedicated to the wellness and joy of the residents, staff and visitors, capturing the muscular intrigue of the High Line and referencing it in the interior finishes. She believes that all good residential buildings should contain not only interesting and well-appointed apartments, but also a necklace of hospitable experiences within the building so that a person living in a 700 square foot one bedroom apartment can enjoy thousands of square feet of generous amenities space.


A mix of artists both established and emerging were commissioned and selected to reflect the neighborhoods existing established art scene, urban edge and rapid transformation of the neighborhood into a global center of art design and architecture.

“Bumps and scratches” and by Peter O’Kennedy “one two three you should dance with me” by Mandie Stobo are dynamic pieces that stimulate brain activity and make you dream.

Carefully curated, the work provides moments of quite reflection and contemplation to influence mood/behavior for residents as they retreat from the stress and demands of the city. Pieces like the “Urban Dog” by Terence Main, whose work is on display at the MET, provide a subtle smile provoking whimsy while referencing the buildings ever expanding canine population.

We love Art that plays on movement and light, such as the “Large Rotating Curtain” by Tim Prentice which is always moving and evolving with the time of day.

It is often the everyday moments and items that provide the most beauty, and Art such as “12,000 Colored Pencils” is all about that, an everyday object used to create a visually stunning and thought provoking installation.


It is a dynamic mix of existing works that were found, situations where specific requirements we wanted to fulfill, and moments where we wanted to influence behavior or emotions. We worked very closely with artists to select works that not only celebrate their strengths and skills, but enhance and commune with our design intents. We establish the experience and collaboratively work with the Artist to achieve this goal.

We love Artists and are constantly visiting galleries, museums, and shows looking for work that stimulates us and which fits, in ways not always readily apparent, into our design aesthetic. Meeting the Artist directly is very important as it is imperative to start a dialogue that goes well beyond a simple business transaction. Working with Terence Main for example involved several studio visits and study models of what became the eventual piece.
We love providing a platform for emerging Artists who are doing challenging work and are using unusual materials and formats. We were one of the first Studio’s to start incorporating modalities such as Feng Shui, Chromatherapy, and Biophilia into our projects, so it aligns with our brand DNA to look beyond the norm when it comes to our Art programs.

Additional Information

Inspiration can come from unusual places if you allow yourself to be open to it. Music is a great love of mine and it weaves its way into my work directly and indirectly. The spoken word poetics of a great Lou Reed song are alive in the riveted columns of the highline, which inform materials like the eroded wood, concrete, and darkened steel. While working on this project I was also inspired by an album I love by Mike Oldfield called “Tubular Bells” which I reference in the cascades of cylindrical lights which adorn the two lobbies.