Tech/Rec Beacon - CODAworx

Tech/Rec Beacon

Submitted by Ray King

Client: Prince Georges County, MD

Location: Stockton, NJ, United States

Completion date: -000

Project Team


Deborah R Scoblink

Ray King Srtudio


Vladislav Vershinin

Ray King Studio


Tech/Rec Beacon, 2013 Tech/Rec Complex, Ft. Washington, MD
Commissioned by Prince Georges County
20’h x 14’w x 11’d, Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel, Concrete
The ellipsoid-shaped sculpture, made of stainless steel and laminated glass, sits upon a (9’) concrete pedestal. Inside the curved interconnected stainless steel rings is a tensile structure of cables and glass that holds in suspension a stainless steel core. The glass facets are laminated with dichroic film — a metallic coating developed by NASA that projects one color and reflects its opposite (i.e., golden yellow that reflects blue).


“Tech/Rec Beacon” is a light-responsive sculpture designed to enhance the entrance to the Southern Regional Technology & Recreational Complex in Ft. Washington, MD. The dichroic glass elements (that change dynamically depending on the angle of light and the viewpoint of the spectator) are designed to catch the sunlight, as well as electrical illumination, in order to splash sparks of chromatic light reflections as constellations onto the shaded walls of the facility to welcome the public (a signature of many of King’s works). The artwork represents the burst of energy as a dream or creative idea is transformed into reality. In designing the artwork, King’s intent was to inspire viewers to pursue their dreams into the real world.


The project was a public art competition. King met with community stakeholders who expressed their desire to have the artwork reflect the future and to relate to the technology labs within the new community center.